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For fast, convenient service, we offer in-house charge accounts at Spahn & Rose for select contractor customers. The in-house charge account offers you professional credit to help with your business needs and a quicker check out process.


Because we recognize that your needs may differ from that of other customers, we provide custom-cut lumber. Let us know your specific lumber requirements and we will cut your lumber exactly the way you want it.


The logistics of your construction project can be difficult to manage, especially with so many other things on your mind. Still Lumber can ensure timely, consistent delivery of lumber as well as many other key building materials. With a diverse fleet of delivery vehicles, our staff can assist you with projects of every size.


Modern construction projects are complex, requiring careful cost analysis to keep total expenses under budget. This can be more difficult to manage on-site, with crew and materials trying to find ample space. Still Lumber can offer professional on-site materials estimates.


Not only do we carry quality materials, but our staff has the knowledge necessary to advise you of the product that best suits your needs. This service is available to you at our showroom or electronically. When you submit your request to us via email, you’ll receive a response in 24 hours or less.