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Tips for Caring for Your Wooden Deck

Caring for your Deck:

Outdoor wooden decks are a popular, low-cost way to add living space to a home.They make it easy to enjoy sitting outside in daytime or nighttime. They open up the home and enable outdoor dining and entertaining. Yet, decks are also constantly exposed to the detrimental effects of weather and other outdoor elements. (more…)

Still Lumber Guides You Through Your Remodel

Remodeling can be daunting. But being informed is the best way to ensure you get the best results possible while staying within your budget. Many factors come into play when planning for a remodeling job. You must decide what you want to achieve with the space. How often do you anticipate using the space? Will animals and children be around it often? Is it intended for rental purposes? All these factors are important when it comes to deciding the types of materials you need. (more…)

Lauan plywood at Still Lumber

Discover the Versatility of Lauan Plywood at Still Lumber Company!

Lauan plywood is a tropical hardwood plywood panel, thin, very pliable hardwood from Lauan trees native to Southeast Asian countries.  Because of the thin nature of the wood, those working with it commonly support both surfaces of it while cutting it. Making small cuts into the lauan plywood can often result in unattractive splintering. This problem can be avoided by cutting through the top layer delicately with a utility knife first, then using your cutting blade along this same line. (more…)