Tips for Caring for Your Wooden Deck

Caring for your Deck:

Outdoor wooden decks are a popular, low-cost way to add living space to a home.They make it easy to enjoy sitting outside in daytime or nighttime. They open up the home and enable outdoor dining and entertaining. Yet, decks are also constantly exposed to the detrimental effects of weather and other outdoor elements.

ProwoodDeck Build6 PGHere are some basic maintenance tips to get more life from your outdoor living space:

  • Sweep regularly – Sweep your deck fairly regularly to avoid accumulations of dirt, dust and leaves that can leave permanent stains on the wood.
  • Thoroughly clean and seal regularly – Your deck should be exfoliated annually so that protective sealers can seep deeper into the wood. Post-exfoliation, your deck should be sealed at least every 2-3 years to protect it from outdoor elements. Even pressure-treated wood needs to be sealed!
  •  Don’t clean your deck with chlorine bleach – Doing so will strip the wood of its natural colors and damage its cellular structure.
  • Make any repairs as soon as possible – Replace rotted boards as soon as you notice them to avoid eventually having to replace the whole deck. Maintenance should also include regularly tightening loose railing or boards.

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